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Myanmar Myitkyina Wild oil
Myitkyina is the capital of the Kachin State in Myanmar (Burma). It is the northern most railway terminal, 919 miles from Yangon(Rangoon), 487 miles from Mandalay, and 26 miles south of "Myit Sone", the confluence of MaiKha and MaliKha Streams. A worthy successor to our popular Myanmar agarwood oil, this oud shares many elements with its predecessor.  It is, however, and abiding oil is ateeq, a term used to denote agarwood from trees that are very old, and whose resin has been we ...
Price 34.00 USD   400 USD per Tola
34 USD per gram. minimum order is 3 gram.
Cambodia Royal Classic
Cambodia Royal Classic, aging is a refining process, and that the longer you let oils hang around without being used, the better the get.  They are literally allowed to marinate and steep in itself deepening the scent without you having to do anything except be patient (not always an easy task). This type of Cambodi is Aquilaria Crassna Pierre ex Lecomte species. It is not unusual for agarwood adepts to have several bottles stashed away for years (or decades) at a time, patiently waiting ...
Price 380.00 USD   380 USD per Tola
Prince of Cambodia
Prince of Cambodia. Just the name conjures up images of dense jungles, rare woods, and uncharted lands.  This is Aquilaria Crassna Pierre ex Lecomte Species. Prince is the Prince.  It actually translates as “The Man who have high noble status” and we thought it is a very fitting title for this stunning oil. With an amazing viscosity, Prince of Cambodi is by far the thickest, most syrupy oud oils we have available. It is super long lasting, and is sure to impress the most d ...
Price 360.00 USD   360 USD per Tola
Khaoyai Superior
v> Khaoyai is the name of biggest mountain in Thailand where is the origin of "Khaoyai Superior Oud", this Khaoyai is the Crassna species.  Crassna species (Aquilaria crassna Pierre ex Lecomte) is the name of the most famous species of Agarwood, Cambodia origin.  Cambodia and Thailand, both of these countries have nearly border. Khao Yai National Park has three main seasons, with an annual mean temperature of 23 degrees celsius, though this varies greatly with the seasons. An in ...
Price 280.00 USD   280 USD per Tola
Laos Noble
v> Laos Noble, very different from every other species of oud, Laos agarwood oil have a pronounced woody, cheesy, pungent and sharp quality that is uplifting and induces a mood of joy and lightheartedness. While Laos oud have a grounding and calming effect, Laos oud have an elating power in their embrace. This particular oud oil was especially distilled for us from true incense-grade quality wood using optimal distillation techniques.  There is no heaviness or harshness in this oil. ...
Price 260.00 USD   260 USD per Tola

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