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Kinam (Aged oil)
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Kinam (Aged oil)


" Kinam is the most expensive and precious kind of Agarwood, very rich in glutinous resins and fragrance smells and it has anasthetic, bitter, hot and mint taste. A gentle and dignified smell with a touch of bitterness.  The fragrance is like an aristocrat in its elegance and gracefulness.

For chinese medicine herbs, believe to cure cancer and other diseases. 

Kinam can found in Indochina (Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, especially in Vietnam.   

According to Kyozaburo Nakata of Baieido Co.,Ltd. the name Kinam comes from the local language of the Campus of South Vietnam who were early traders of Kyara.  The name derives from the combination of the Sanskrit word for black "Kala" and the CHinese word for tree "Bak" Together theyformed Kalambak and later the name was changed to Kinam.

always sell by Kilogram weighing.  Real Kinam is very hard to found and very expensive. The market price for Real Kinam is more 20,000 USD per KG.

In this present, Japan is the biggest market for Kinam.  And appears to be only country to exclusive clubs of this Kinam Agarwood.

Japanese millionaire wants this Kinam and Super Grade a lot. There are two major families in Japan, employment in Vietnam and Thailand, for this particular type of wood. Price very high wages per year.

Therefore, if any agarwood hunter in any forest in Indochina found this kind of wood, they will come and sell to this two companies and they paid unlimited.

  is an aphrodisiac, both in oil form, and as incense. These are generally topical uses but the oil is also sold in Vietnamese and Japanese pharmacies for internal use with the same goal.

Chinese medicine uses powdered of agarwood as a treatment for cirrhosis of the liver and as a director or focuser for other medicines. It has also been used as a treatment for lung and stomach tumors. Internal use of the powdered wood will also clean you out and give you lots of energy.

Don’t go grinding up your incense however, unless you are 100% sure of the quality and purity of the wood you are using. There are rumors of Chinese factories churning out luscious smelling but ultimately fake wood chips, made of the lowest possible grade agarwood soaked for a month in synthetic (European manufactured) oud.

As a perfume ingredient, oud is sought and bought by certain Perfume houses as a tiny but essential component of some of their high-class perfumes; Zeenat and Amourage are two examples.

The oil of oud is a diaphoretic; it will make you sweat, and beyond that, will connect you with something of the spirit world. It is important to note that there is no research done on this oil. We have access only to our own experiences. Oud symbolizes and calls forth that which connects us to the ancient, to the roots and soul of the earth, to the Garden of Eden and the Hand of God, to the timelessness of the spirit and the vibration of the ethereal world, to the basis of our primal selves and the completeness of existence.


Malaccensis Species, Kinam Grade, (This grade is special grade that we extracted for special client who would like to especially ordered something different for him and family only.

Kinam Legend Grade is highly psychoactive.  It is used for a spiritual journey, enlightenment, clarity and to bring the deep peace necessary for meditation.  It is recommended by experienced practitioners for providing motivation and the necessary devotion for meditation.  It brings communication with the transcendent, refreshing your mind, body and spirit.  

This method is different method from generally distillation.  Generally distillation is steam or water distillation, the oil will extracted by water and steam and mixed with the water before separated by their qualification of oil.  So the smelling of oil will be a little drop from their really Characteristic.

And for generally distillation, All of distiller always used the low grade of Agarwood chip (around 40 - 90 USD per KG.) for distillation.

For Kinam Legend Grade, the oil come from Extraction by vacuum state directly from the chip and not passed the water.  It's very hard to extracted for each gram.  And we always used the High grade of Agarwood chip (2,600 USD per KG up) and their age are 100 years up,  for extracted because the plenty of resin in the wood and their smelling.

After we extracted the oil from the chip,we have to keep the oil at least 2 year before we delivered to special client.  So this Legend Level Grade, we can extracted just 360 grams per month only. 

So Kinam Legend Grade, their smelling will be appear on their real Characteristic and the Purest for Agarwood oil

Price 89.00 USD 89 USD per 1 gram. minimum order is 3 gram.
Kinam (Aged oil)
Kinam (Aged oil)
Kinam (Aged oil)
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