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King Super (Aged Oil)
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King Super (Aged Oil)

Crassna species (Cambodia), King Super Grade, (This grade is special grade that we extracted for special client who would like to especially ordered something different for him and family only.

King Super Grade is highly psychoactive.  It is used for a spiritual journey, enlightenment, clarity and to bring the deep peace necessary for meditation.  It is recommended by experienced practitioners for providing motivation and the necessary devotion for meditation.  It brings communication with the transcendent, refreshing your mind, body and spirit.  

This method is different method from generally distillation.  Generally distillation is steam or water distillation, the oil will extracted by water and steam and mixed with the water before separated by their qualification of oil.  So the smelling of oil will be a little drop from their really Characteristic.

And for generally distillation, All of distiller always used the low grade of Agarwood chip (around 40 - 90 USD per KG.) for distillation.

For King Super Grade, the oil come from Extraction by vacuum state directly from the chip and not passed the water.  It's very hard to extracted for each gram.  And we always used the High grade of Agarwood chip (2,600 USD per KG up) and their age are 80 years up,  for extracted because the plenty of resin in the wood and their smelling.  After we extracted the oil from the chip,we have to keep the oil at least 2 year before we delivered to special client.  So this King Super Grade, we can extracted just 300 grams per month only. 

So King Super Grade, their smelling will be appear on their real Characteristic and the Purest for Agarwood oil.

Price 89.00 USD 89 USD per 1 gram. minimum order is 3 gram.
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